Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Leaning power poles on Monument Hill

QUESTION: As you drive north on I-25, just about at Greenland exit or a little further north, the older telephone or power poles on the east side are at a very strong slant leaning east - have they always been like that or was that purposely done more recently and why? Thanks!
- Rick and Jan Gorman

ANSWER: These are old poles that are being replaced, and the company followed a traditional procedure of leaning them over to keep hot lines out of the way while new poles and lines are installed. Mike Rheinberger, engineering manager for Intermountain REA, says the wood poles are being replaced and work should be completed by the first of the year. The new poles are of “weathering steel” and will turn a rusty brown that will look much like wood, he says.

During the upgrade, the entire system will be made more reliable when it is turned into a loop involving Greenland, Palmer Lake and Castle Rock substations, Rheinberger says.

Drivers in the area have had some unusual ideas about the leaning poles. Rheinberger said several callers were concerned about driving down Noe Road while the poles were at a slant. “Because these are transmission lines, the poles are taller and they look even worse as they lean.” One of the most creative explanations was from a caller who thought the poles were slanted on purpose to fend off the impact of high winds and icy conditions during Monument Hill winters.


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