Monday, July 10, 2006

Signs will alert drivers to next major street

QUESTION: On Powers Boulevard there are signs stating the next cross street name before the long turn lane begins. It gives motorists unfamiliar with the area plenty of lead time to get into the proper lane. The intersection of Academy Boulevard and Austin Bluffs Parkway has long left turn lanes in three directions but no such signs. I’ve seen out-of-state drivers cut across multiple lanes to try to get to a turn lane at the last minute.
- Andy Bistline

A: Good news. Thanks to the voter-approved Pikes Peak Rural Transportation Authority funds, these “advance arterial signs” will be installed before prior to intersections on major arterials, said principal city traffic engineer David Krauth. Plans have just begun.

In the future you’ll see the signs on all major thoroughfares, such as Academy Boulevard (a project that will be worked out in cooperation with the state), Garden of the Gods Road and the Union Boulevard corridor.


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