Friday, September 07, 2007

Block numbers being added to signs on main roads

Why don’t all street signs give the hundred block to inform the person the hundred block where he is? Going up and down Academy and other main streets, especially where they have put up new street signs, for the most part, they haven’t put the hundred block on the street sign.
— Bob Jensen
ANSWER: All new city street-name signs on major roads have block numbers, according to David Krauth, principal city traffic engineer. He said that until two years ago there were no signs with block numbers, but his department is in the midst of upgrading them, a project that will go through January 2011. Krauth pointed to Platte Avenue as an example of a completed major corridor with block numbers on all signs.This project does not include internal neighborhood signs, which will not have block numbers. The exceptions are residential streets leading onto major roads.


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