Monday, January 23, 2006

Don't throw your trash in someone else's Dumpster

QUESTION: It makes me crazy that people throw their trash in Dumpsters that don’t belong to them. One woman was bragging about dumping her Christmas tree and all her holiday boxes in the Dumpsters at a nearby apartment complex. Another guy throws his week’s worth of garbage bags into his trunk and hauls everything to a supermarket Dumpster. Isn’t this illegal? It should be and they should be ashamed.
- Toby Walker

ANSWER: Yes, indeed, it’s illegal, according to deputy city attorney Kathy Moore. It falls under City Code 9.6.104 “Unlawful use of property of another.”

And this could come as a big surprise to the moochers who are trying to save some money: The penalties go as high as $500 and 90 days in jail.


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