Friday, February 03, 2006

Dogs in reservoir don't affect drinking water

QUESTION: Recently we hiked around a couple of city reservoirs at Stratton Open Space, near Starsmore Discovery Center. The reservoirs had high fences around them with signs that said, “This is your drinking water. KEEP OUT.”
At one place a large hole, which appeared to have been there a long time, had been cut in the fence and we saw three yellow Labradors running free, off leash. They went right through the hole, into the reservoir and swam.
We phoned the number posted on the fence and spoke to a woman who said local homeowners want the hole in the fence open so that their dogs can go down to drink in the reservoir. Why are dogs and wild animals allowed to swim in our drinking water?
- Baker

ANSWER: Basically, it’s because things have changed since the time the sign and fence went up.

Originally, the water in the lower reservoir, South Suburban, was chlorinated and went directly from the reservoir to the customers in that area, so it was especially important to keep everyone out, according to Kristin Bricker, issues manager for Colorado Springs Utilities.

When Clean Water Act revisions were enacted in the late 1980s, a dual pipeline was built to the Mesa water treatment plant near Garden of the Gods, where the water from those reservoirs is filtered and treated before returning to customers as safe drinking water.

Open-space neighbors contacted Utilities to request access to the lower reservoir. “There was a public-participation process which worked to the benefit of everyone using the open space,” Bricker said. Access was granted to not just the neighbors, but to everyone in the community on a limited, one-year basis, after which it will again be evaluated.

During warm weather, panels from the fence are removed for access. The panels are replaced in the winter when the icy reservoir is dangerous for pets and people.
Bricker said Utilities was unaware there was a hole cut in the fence and it will be repaired. In addition, the sign will be changed.

The upper reservoir, Gold Camp, is closed to the public. Because of its slippery lining, people and/or animals could have problems getting out of this reservoir, which has been called “an attractive nuisance,” Bricker said.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gave Quinton T. inspiration for "Reservoir Dogs" movie in early '90s, Ha Ha

8:58 AM, March 13, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

who cares, let the dogs do what they want, are you really that pariniod to call on something like this

2:49 PM, January 12, 2010  

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