Friday, March 10, 2006

METEX tax to build Powers Boulevard set to end

QUESTION: I received my yearly property tax statement and one tax authority is the METEX Metropolitan District. I believe this is to pay back the bonds to build Powers Boulevard, and the only people to pay this tax live along the Powers corridor.
I have been paying this tax since 1991, and I’m curious as to when this will be paid off. This tax represents 14.6 percent of my property tax.
It is a little frustrating to pay a tax for something that anyone can use, but only those that live in the area pay for it.
- Scott McCune, Powers corridor

METEX was formed in 1986 to build Powers Boulevard from Platte Avenue to Woodmen Road, according to the district’s attorney Pete Susemihl, who said there wouldn’t have been any construction in that area until the road was built.

And it appears your METEX taxes are going away. Susemihl said, “It looks like we are right on schedule and it will be paid off in the 20 years. We will pay the bonds off in 2007 and should have enough funds at the end of this year to not certify a mill levy for 2007.”

Properties paying are from Platte to Woodmen, one mile west on Woodmen and east to Marksheffel Road.

“This is virtually how all new roads are built now,” Susemihl said. “It’s a method of the new growth paying its way.” For example, while you are paying for Powers Boulevard, Northgate Road is being paid for by the people in Flying Horse, properties in Falcon are paying for Woodmen/Meridian in their area and Santa Fe Springs will be paying for Judge Orr Road. The same is happening in developments in Fountain, Mesa Ridge, Cross Creek, etc., Susemihl said.


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