Monday, April 10, 2006

Powers/Academy ownership changing

QUESTION: Some time ago there was an announcement that the state of Colorado and the city of Colorado Springs had agreed to exchange “ownership” of Academy Boulevard and Powers Boulevard — i.e, the city would become responsible for Academy and the state would take over Powers. This might have included Powers becoming a numbered highway, such as State 83. What is the status of this arrangement?
- James S.

ANSWER: Maintenance agreements detailing such specifics as who will plow which street must be worked out before the switch, which could occur by late summer or early fall.

The city will assume responsibility for Academy Boulevard, Nevada Avenue, Fillmore Street from Nevada to I-25, Circle Drive and Sinton Road.
The state will have Powers Boulevard from Research Parkway to Platte Avenue. The state already has Powers Boulevard from Platte Avenue south, and the county has responsibility for Powers Boulevard south of Drennan Road.

Powers will be a numbered highway, but the number has not yet been assigned. It will be an odd number because it’s a north/south highway, according to Bob Wilson of Colorado Department of Transportation.


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