Monday, March 27, 2006

COSMIX boundaries change as project progresses

QUESTION: I was wondering where exactly COSMIX ends. Going north and south on I-25 there are no signs that say COSMIX ends or that you can go 55 mph. Also, I was wondering why there isn’t uneven payment signs posted throughout COSMIX? It can be very dangerous when there is ice on the ground and I have seen at least two cars lose control. Please try to find these answers for me and thanks in advance.
- Justin, Security

ANSWER: For this part of the project, COSMIX begins southbound at North Academy Boulevard, where the highway is being widened. The south end is between Cimarron Street and the Colorado Avenue overpass, according to Bob Wilson of the Colorado Department of Transportation.

For now, the speed limit southbound drops to 45 mph between North Academy and Woodmen Road. Northbound, the speed limit drops just south of Fillmore Street. However, Wilson says, the reduced speed limits will move south to the area of Cimarron Street when work begins on the Colorado Avenue bridges in the next few weeks. All areas of I-25 are posted with either 55 mph, or 45 mph in construction areas, Wilson said, and these change as the project moves along.

CDOT engineers are looking into posting signs where there are uneven traffic lanes.
You can follow the COSMIX project online at


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