Monday, April 24, 2006

Towers at D-11 schools have a variety of uses

QUESTION: I’ve noticed that many, if not all, of the Colorado Springs schools now have tall (75 feet?) masts on their property that appear to be communications or data antennas. What are these structures and what is their purpose?
- Warren McDermott

ANSWER: School District 11 has 60 sites and some of them have poles or towers similar to what you’re describing. Frank Bernhard, D-11 executive director of facilities, operations and transportation, said the tall light poles that are being replaced at Garry Berry stadium will serve a dual purpose as cell towers. Two schools have radio-type communication towers that support the district’s transportation operation: Coronado High School and Rudy Elementary School. One is a repeater for contact with the school buses and the other is a GPS system to help track buses, according to Bernhard. They are 25-30 feet tall. Other schools have smaller 8-10 foot antennas that serve as weather stations. If you have more questions you can contact Bernhard at 477-6004.


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