Friday, May 19, 2006

City/D-20 making changes at Eagleview

QUESTION: I am wondering why there is no left-turn arrow at Vindicator and Owl Ridge, the entryway to Eagleview Middle School — it only needs to be functioning when people are taking children to school in the morning and picking them up after school. It is a nightmare trying to get into the school (and very dangerous) because of the heavy traffic on Vindicator at that time. It seems so strange that none of the people in charge of these things don't understand the necessity of this.
- Alicia Puckett

ANSWER: Academy School District 20 and the city have coordinated their efforts on this problem and have had a number of meetings. The district is planning improvements to the parking lots and drop-off/pickup areas at the school. The city will add a left turn.


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