Friday, May 12, 2006

Ramp metering still in the future

QUESTION: Denver onramps during rush hour have red/green lights that pace the cars merging onto the interstate. Why doesn’t the Woodmen Road southbound onramp to Interstate 25 and the Garden of the Gods Road southbound onramp to I-25 have this type of light? It would ease the congestion on I-25 and enable cars to merge one at a time onto the interstate instead of the steady lane of cars that is currently merging.
- Marie H.

ANSWER: Ramp metering is coming — but not until COSMIX is complete and it’s determined it’s needed. Bob Wilson of the Colorado Department of Transportation said that once the third lane is open through COSMIX and there are acceleration lanes in use, a lot of the bunching up of cars off the ramps could be eliminated. Wilson said they are putting in the infrastructure for Intelligent Transportation Systems along COSMIX and that would include future congestion-management measures such as ramp metering.


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