Friday, April 28, 2006

Trees in Monument Valley Park cut down for flood control

QUESTION: I live along Monument Park in downtown Colorado Springs and noticed that all of the 20-plus-year-old trees on the west side of the trail, down to the creek, have been cut down. I stopped and asked a worker and he said it was for “flooding” and “lifting of the flagstone terracing.” This was supposedly a Forest Service decision. It is such a shame, changed the entire look of the park, and the view to the creek is barren. Why are such decisions made, and does the Forest Service consult with the city on these types of ridiculous acts?
- Laura

ANSWER: The city did the work, which was annual flood-control maintenance. Because all water in the creeks is controlled by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the agency monitored the work. Some of the large, hardwood trees were cut down because during flooding they can fall and block streams, causing heavy property damage and problems downstream. The crews also repaired what are called “drop structures,” the little waterfalls that trap silt before it flows downstream.
This work is being done in city-owned ditches and waterways throughout the city, not just in Monument Valley Park.


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