Friday, October 20, 2006

Neighborhoods can apply for speed humps and other traffic-calming devices

QUESTION: Why are speed humps and dips not used as speed mitigation within Colorado Springs? We have a neighborhood speeding problem in Springs Ranch and have offered to install and maintain a speed hump within our neighborhood. The city engineer’s office says that the city doesn’t use speed humps because they are an impediment to snowplows and emergency vehicles. However, in at least two neighborhoods, speed humps are used (and replaced during repaving).
- Marty Deason
ANSWER: Senior city transportation planner Kristin Bennett says the city uses speed humps where appropriate, but this is just one of many “traffic calming” devices. Dips are for drainage, not speed mitigation.

Your neighborhood needs to apply to the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program. Bennett said the city staff will go to the site to collect current traffic data, pull accident history, determine whether you are an emergency route, etc. She said your neighborhood must have a documentable problem to have self-pay improvements because it would fall to the city to maintain them. If your area is accepted into the program, staff members will work with the neighborhood.

To get started, go to or e-mail


Anonymous Anonymous said...

why cant el paso county road crews have it here and have it in the city??. Also this is puzzzling..WHY IS METRO CUTS OFF BUS SERVICES ALL together?? for this storm .dont they get 12-15 new buses from this sales taxes from us taxpayers and why is gasoline soo cheap and the bus fares are enornmus here. can they ask the mayor for snow tires? In denver they had some bus services in the blizzard. why cant we?? stranding all those riders. Ill take a four wheel car to the citadel. c springs sucks..its a rip off!.

7:51 PM, October 28, 2006  
Blogger Sandra Johnson said...

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11:34 PM, April 20, 2016  

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