Friday, October 20, 2006

Parts of Cheyenne Creek are privately owned

QUESTION: This has bothered me for years and years. We live in Cheyenne Cañon, and some property owners on Cheyenne Road have fenced across the creek so that you cannot look at the water anymore. I can understand them wanting privacy, but it just looks so ugly. Do you know why they are allowed to do this?
- Marjie Symmes
ANSWER: According to the city, areas of Cheyenne Creek are privately owned. Where there is no public access, a landowner owns to the middle of the creek. This also answers several other readers who had asked who is responsible for cleaning up the trash swept down creeks such as Cheyenne Creek and Cheyenne Run after heavy rains. Even though it’s not their trash, it’s the landowners’ responsibility to clean up their halves of the creek.


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