Friday, September 22, 2006

Residents can adopt parks, trails and medians

QUESTION: Several of us in our neighborhood are willing to take care of a median in our area. Who do we check with to adopt it?
- Danny B.
ANSWER:If it’s in the city, it’s through the city’s Adopt-a-Park program, which also includes medians and trails, said Kim King of the Parks Department.

Information on the city’s Web site includes an application. Go to and click on Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services,” then “Volunteering & Park Dedications,” then “Adopt-a-Park.” They ask for a one-year commitment and quarterly reports, and there will be an official sign saying you’ve adopted that particular median, park or trail. Be aware that although they’ve adopted an area, adopters won’t be able to do their own thing with the landscaping unless they work with the Parks Department staff. "As our parks system is growing, the Adopt-a-Park program provides a real service for us when people help clean up and maintain areas,” King said. There are offshoot programs including Springs in Bloom, where flower beds and gardens are adopted and maintained.

If you’re interested in a county park or trail, go to Parks_and_Leisure_Services and click on “Volunteer Opportunities"


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