Friday, June 01, 2007

Police regularly patrol Garden of the Gods; break-ins occur when valuables are in sight

Do police cars or bikes ever patrol through the Garden of the Gods? I’ve read and heard of several incidences where cars were broken into while in the park, yet I’ve never seen police there. You’d think with all of the tourists, weddings, school tours, etc. going through the Garden that there should be more police in the area.
- Lisa

ANSWER: Colorado Springs police officers regularly patrol all the city parks, including Garden of the Gods, according to police spokesman Lt. Rafael Cintron. They patrol in cars and on bicycles. However, Cintron said there aren’t resources available to have officers stationed permanently in the park.

Leaving valuables inside vehicles leads to many of the break-in problems in parks and at trailheads, Cintron said. Cameras, checkbooks, jewelry, purses, CDs and expensive outdoor equipment are sitting right there, visible to anyone going through the parking lot who looks in the vehicle’s window. People return to — surprise — find their vehicles have been broken into, frequently in a “smash and grab” where a window is smashed and the goodies grabbed. Cintron said people going hiking or leaving their vehicles to spend time in a park are reminded to lock everything in the trunk or to leave valuables at home.


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