Monday, May 07, 2007

DV plates need handicap logo to park in spaces

Is there a difference in Disabled Veteran license plates? I see some that have a handicapped logo in the middle and other just say DV. Do the ones that say DV allow you to park in the handicapped spots? My wife’s van has a ramp on the right side and there are never any spots. There are plenty of people with Disabled Veteran plates that I believe are abusing these spots.

ANSWER: The disabled veteran plates with the handicap logo say “Disabled Veteran Handicapped” and allow that vehicle to park in designated handicap spaces. These veterans are more than 50 percent disabled and have verification of physical impairment from physicians. Disabled veteran plates with DV can’t legally park in handicap spaces and drivers can be fined. Some of those with DV plates also have handicap rearview mirror tags and can park in the handicap spots. Both DV and DV-handicapped plates are free to those with service-related injuries, according to Bob Becker, manager of El Paso County’s Motor Vehicle Department.


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