Friday, February 03, 2006

Railroad cars deliver Gazette newsprint

QUESTION: I am curious as to the use of the railroad tracks that I cross every day on Wahsatch Avenue just south of Cimarron Street. It has RR signs posted at the tracks, but I have never seen a moving train. Once in a while, there’ll be train cars stopped on either side of Wahsatch. Is this a working track and, if not, what’s up with the railroad cars occasionally seen there?
— Karen B.

ANSWER: It’s a rail spur used by The Gazette. The railroad cars bring huge rolls of newsprint to the newspaper’s warehouse on the west side of Wahsatch, where the newsprint is transferred to trucks that deliver it to the newspaper building at East Colorado Avenue and South Prospect Street. There are 10-15 cars each month. The rail spur east of Wahsatch also serves Transit Mix.


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