Friday, April 28, 2006

Fire-pit appliances not regulated by city code

QUESTION: I now see wood-burning fire pits for sale everywhere. It seems an open fire, our recurring high winds and dryness is just asking for trouble.
Plus it is likely they will be placed on wood decks and adjacent to wood houses.
With the recent articles from the fire department about the extreme fire dangers and how people should clear out brush and trees near their home, will there be regulations about using these in the city?
- Linda Bowman

ANSWER: Burning in fire-pit units such as the ones you’re describing, grills and chimineas isn’t regulated by the city fire code, according to Kris Cooper, deputy fire marshal. He said that if the city “gets into burn bans we will look into these appliances but generally only when they’re on public properties, not private.” His advice: “Follow the manufacturers’ guidelines for use." If the fire department gets a call from a concerned neighbor who feels there is a dangerous situation, firefighters will check it out. Recreational fires such as outdoor campfires and bonfires have specific regulations such as from clearance to combustibles. Open bonfires require permits.


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