Monday, April 24, 2006

KOAA/5/30 difficult to receive in Manitou Springs

QUESTION: I’ve lived at two different locations in Manitou Springs and in both places I was able to get good reception for the local CBS and ABC affiliate stations but not the NBC affiliate. I do have an indoor antenna but often don’t need it for ABC or CBS; it does not help NBC reception at all. Is there a solution that does not involve an outdoor antenna or cable/satellite service?
- Ken Burrows

ANSWER: The engineers at KOAA, Channels 5/30 (NBC) recommended you try Channel 9 if you’re watching off an antenna. That doesn’t work for people with cable because Channel 9 is KOAA’s weather channel. Other than that, they said, you would have to use an outdoor antenna to pick up the signal on Channel 30.


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