Thursday, May 25, 2006

Pikes Peak Center stage, ceiling movable

QUESTION: At the Judy Collins concert last Friday night, the stage at the Pikes Peak Center was pulled back so that there were rows of seats in front of Row A. How do they change the configuration of the stage?
- Pat Webb

ANSWER: “That’s a very interesting question,” said general manager Dot Lischick. It’s all hydraulic, and two lifts can raise or lower that area to extend the stage or, as you saw, the seating. On other occasions it is lowered to become the orchestra pit.
Besides the stage, there are other movable, adjustable features in the center’s Great Hall. The floating ceiling canopy is raised or lowered for acoustics, and there are acoustic banners on the side walls. In addition, the tall towers beside the stage can be moved behind performers for different acoustics.


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