Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hayman originally a mining town

QUESTION: How did the 2002 Hayman Fire gets its name? Is it named after a mountain?
- Paul

ANSWER: Author Midge Harbour, who wrote "The Tarryall Mountains and the Puma Hills," said Hayman was a mining town north of U.S. Highway 24 off Tarryall Road (County Road 77). Hayman’s heyday was 1910, when the Apex Copper Company, Haymen Mining and Tunneling Co. and several logging firms were thriving. (No word on why there are Haymen and Hayman spellings). Townspeople could catch the stage into Lake George. Children in the area attended Hayman School on Tarryall Road.
Although the little mining town had several buildings, a post office and a grocery store, little remains. Harbour said most of the land from the original town site was purchased in the 1960s by Edwin Jaloszymski.

The fire’s name came from the Forest Service campground near the town site.


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