Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Pony Express station legend just that

QUESTION: A large, very old-looking log cabin sits at the intersection of two alleys between Prospect and Institute streets near Cache la Poudre Street. Thirty years ago I was told it had once been used as a Pony Express station. Do you know anything about this?
- T. Mauch

ANSWER: The official Pony Express Museum site,, lists only one station in Colorado, in Julesburg in the northeast portion of the state.

Cliff Chambers had some history: "As a native of Colorado Springs, I grew up on the 800 block of Cache la Poudre Street during the 1930s and 1940s. Our house was just yards from the log cabin, which was more like a garage or a small barn. Neighborhood legend was that the cabin had been a Pony Express station. That legend was not based upon fact as it is well documented that the Pony Express did not reach this far in Colorado. The neighborhood boys all dreamed of playing 'cowboys and Indians’ in and around the building. The boys were afraid of the owner, who did not like kids playing on his property. “However, I was allowed to go into the cabin only once. As I recall, it had a dirt floor and was full of what would be 'flea-market' items today. During those years it housed wagons with their gear and an old car or two.
There were two or three more log cabins in the area, one of which was remodeled and is standing today. You would not suspect it had once been made with logs unless you knew the history of the building.”


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