Sunday, October 29, 2006

Cimarron Street Bridge: multi-tasking officers and squeeze-through Hummers

CIMARRON STREET BRIDGE: The stationing of police officers around-the-clock on the Cimarron Street bridge to stop trucks from entering makes me wonder: When officers are in their cars parked for a long period of time, what can they do?
Read a novel or a magazine? Listen to the radio? Play their iPod? Talk on their cell phone? Or must they just sit there with the police radio on and watch the traffic?
- Debbie
ANSWER: Since these are extra-duty officers, they can listen to music on the radio in their vehicles, read work-related literature, etc., as they monitor the traffic, according to police spokesman Lt. Rafael Cintron.

CIMARRON STREET BRIDGE 2: Since the bridge access has been narrowed to 8 feet wide and 9 feet high to keep out trucks, can those large Hummers get through?
- AL
ANSWER: Darwin Bilberry, one of the Humvee specialists at Al Serra, checked it out. The big guy, the H1, is 7.2 feet wide without the mirrors, which puts it right at 8 feet, so a mirror would have to be folded for a tight squeeze, he said. The H2 needs a 7-foot clearance, so again the mirrors could be in danger.
The smaller H3, sometimes nicknamed the “soccer mom Hummer,” needs 6 1/2 feet, so it should fit just fine if a driver were so inclined to try it.


Anonymous Zen said...

If Hummers & Expeditions, Suburbands and Navigators have trouble getting through, then I recommend we put these barriers up all over the nation. :0)

10:54 PM, October 29, 2006  
Blogger RayRay said...

Are people so stubborn they can not avoid the Cimarron Street Bridge? There are so many alternative routes into the city from the west. Why do every one have to force there way across a damage bridge that has signs and barriers stating what types of vechiles can and cannot go across. I just don't understand, why chance the possiblity of damaging your vehicle just to go though when there are other options. It just stupid.

8:14 PM, October 30, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I use Bijou. When that closes, I will use Colorado. I drive a long passenger van, and I don't want it to get stuck in that S-curve that they setup to keep the trucks out.

I agree with rayray. If people are stupid enough to try to navigate that trap in their large vehicles, then I hope they damage 'em. Severely.

5:28 PM, November 01, 2006  

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