Friday, January 12, 2007

Retirement complex started as barracks

OLD BARRACKS: On the corner of Potter Drive and San Miguel Street, there is a conclave of buildings, mostly apartments and one a retirement community.
It has been said that these buildings were originally barracks for Ent Air Force Base. What is the history?
- Bayard Wheeler

ANSWER: We checked with Winslow Court retirement community, and indeed these buildings started as Ent barracks when the Air Force base was located where the Olympic complex is today at Boulder Street and Union Boulevard. They were made into a four-building apartment complex, and in the late-1970s a Seattle firm modernized and refurbished them into a retirement community surrounding a new central courtyard and dining/social area.


Anonymous Mike Walsh said...

I was stationed at Ent AFB from Nov. 1, '65 thru Jan '67. I was quartered in this complex that was
listed as 3920 Marion Drive.
With the name change to San Miguel
I had a hard time locating this complex on my first visit to CS in June of 2005, but the Micky D's and the vacant 7-11 store next to the complex brought back fond memories. Thanks.

12:21 PM, June 29, 2007  
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