Friday, December 15, 2006

Downtown subway an urban legend

SECRET SUBWAY?: I have been told about a subway running from under the City Auditorium to various places in town. Can anyone tell me where it went and how long did it exist?
- Mary Dieter

ANSWER: From the mining heyday into the 20th century, Colorado Springs and Old Colorado City had a variety of tunnels between businesses and buildings. One of those was a tunnel that ran between the 1923 City Auditorium at Kiowa and Weber streets and the City Hall at Kiowa Street and Nevada Avenue. Tim Scanlon, senior city planner, said the tunnel is no longer in use and “has been collapsed.” The “subway” you heard about is an urban legend about the tunnels and their use.


Anonymous Mariana Wagner said...

How intriguing! I always heard that it was used to bootleg alcohol during the prohibition ... hmmm... Will we ever really know? (I just found these Gazette Blogs, and will keep checking in on yours, as it is quite interesting!) Thanks!

8:56 PM, December 15, 2006  

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