Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Rumbling sounds coming from the airport

QUESTION: We have lived in two houses on two different ridges in Colorado Springs, in Old Farm and The Bluffs. At both these locations in the winter when it snows, we can hear a rather loud rumbling sound. We used to think it was Fort Carson practicing artillery. It seems to be only when it snows, not just the cold weather. Any theories?
- George

ANSWER: We asked readers and heard this explanation from Kass Johns.
“I hear it all the time, often when it is snowing, due to a cold air inversion. It’s the airport! It is the jet engines preparing for takeoff.

“I lived on top of Knob Hill on the Palmer Park side for 18 years and heard the same thing during low cloud cover days. I also remember hearing it frequently when passing by a high spot in town on San Miguel at Circle by the back side of the former Circle East Mall/Pay ‘n Pak (now Ace Hardware.

“The clouds have to be low enough to block the sound escaping the city to be able to hear it. I’ve always thought of it somewhat fondly as sort of cozy — like we are all ‘socked in’ together here in town.”


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