Friday, March 09, 2007

Academy/Maizeland lot remains undeveloped

Having been a resident of Colorado Springs for nearly 40 years, I’ve always wondered why the southwest corner of Academy (Boulevard) and Maizeland (Road) has never been developed. I remember years ago parking in that vacant lot for something going on in Palmer Park. Can anyone fill me in?
- R. Fleming

ANSWER: Since 1977 there have been unsuccessful attempts by two auto dealerships to rezone that seven acres across from Palmer Park. It was annexed to the city in 1981 and is zoned as a Planned Business Center. That zoning does not allow auto dealerships. The zoning on this land has a CR (Conditions of Record) added, meaning there are specific conditions that would have to be met if it were to be developed.

For 30 years, neighbors of the property have successfully protested rezoning requests, saying their property values would be lowered.


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