Friday, March 16, 2007

City's Metro buses a rainbow of colors

My family and I were wondering why the Springs Metro buses change color so frequently.Are they really repainting them every few months? We have seen red, brown, purple and blue! We were quite confused.- Ashley Mackey

ANSWER: The folks at Mountain Metropolitan Transit said they’re happy you noticed their colorful palette.They want you to know they aren’t repainting the same buses. The new fleet actually has 15 buses, each in a distinctive color.You have your raspberry bus, your turquoise one, the bronze one, a chocolate bus, a seafoam and a persimmon one — and that’s just for starters.

Amy MacDonald, Mountain Metro’s public relations supervisor, said, “As we get new buses in, we are painting them in different colors to make it fun to ride the bus.“The colors are an effort to make the bus a pleasant experience.”She also said that if you like the colorful exteriors “you should see the inside. They’re beautiful. Purple and teal.”There are more colors to come as new buses are added. But you’ll also still see some of the older white buses on routes around the city.


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