Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Don't-stop sign on Ayers has been removed, so stop

Northbound on Goodson, just before the curve onto Ayers, there has been a stop sign that said drivers may proceed turning right without stopping. Now, prior to the intersection there is a new sign that shows a stop symbol and an arrow showing straight ahead which you would interpret as those only going straight must stop. However, at the curve, there is a regular stop sign. We have seen those stop even though they are turning right and cars almost rear end them and then we’ve seen others ignoring the stop sign. Everyone is confused as to why the change.
- Irma Huizing

ANSWER: We checked with the county road department and were told the stop sign has always been there. Then a sign was added beneath it saying drivers could turn right without stopping. The two signs contradicted each other and the don’t-stop sign was removed. Now, everyone has a stop sign and must stop, according to the county. The sign before the intersection alerts drivers to the upcoming stop sign.The county also advised that changes are coming to that area, including the revamping of Ayers, and drivers will encounter other new traffic signs. Some of that area will be closed at the end of April for hill removal and construction.


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