Thursday, March 29, 2007

Clean up after your horse in city parks

If it is a city ordinance to pick up after your dog, why is there not one to pick up after your horse? Being a mountain biker and hiker, it is very annoying to have to see and navigate around manure on the trail.
- Josh Kinney

ANSWER: There is a clean-up-after-your-horse ordinance and it’s the same one that covers dogs: 9.9.301: Animal Defecation.“It is unlawful for any person to allow any animal over which the person has control to defecate upon any park land without the excrement being removed by the person in control of the animal from the park and properly disposed of elsewhere.”

Kurt Schroeder of the parks department said that particularly on a hard-surface area “we would expect people out of common courtesy to pick it up. We need to rely on people’s good sense of citizenship to take care of the waste their animal leaves behind.”Schroeder said the companies that give trail rides in Garden of the Gods clean up after the horses on a weekly basis.


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