Friday, September 21, 2007

COSMIX speed-limit signs remain until the end of all construction

COSMIX SIGNS: Every time I pass through the I-25 section from Garden of the Gods Road through Woodmen Road exits, I wonder why there are still construction signs with “Fines Double” for an area that hasn’t had any construction going on for a long time.
- Wanda Holt

Here’s your answer from Kyle Troxel, spokesman for Rockrimmon Constructors, the company building COSMIX: “Although you don’t see construction going on in this area, that doesn’t mean that all work is completed. Those signs are up because work is going on there, during off-peak times mostly, and is not seen by the majority of I-25 motorists.“Workers are currently doing seeding and fence work on I-25 between Garden of the Gods and Woodmen Road in both directions, and are also doing some overnight shoulder work in the area.

“We keep those signs up because this is low-priority work at this time, and having the signs up gives workers the freedom to get to it whenever they can and in between the higher priority work projects along I-25."

And, before someone asks, yes, it’s the same Kyle Troxel who was on KRDO’s “Good Morning Colorado."


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