Friday, April 28, 2006

Razed doctors' offices make way for cancer residence

QUESTION: After Penrose Hospital completed construction on its new medical tower, it demolished a building being used for doctors’ offices at the corner of Tejon and Madison. Now, it seems to be a storage area for a huge mound of dirt. Who is using that property? How long will the dirt pile be there? What is going to happen with the property in the long run?
- Dean Myers

ANSWER: Penrose-St. Francis Health Services spokesperson Tanya Dantzler had an answer for you about what was referred to as the 2131 Building (2131 N. Tejon St.).
“Last fall, the Penrose-owned brick building was demolished to make room for a new Family Temporary Residence for the Penrose Cancer Center. It would replace the Steven Stearman House near the parking garage on the Penrose Hospital Campus.
Originally built as physician offices, the building had also acted the G.E. Johnson Construction Headquarters, Auditors Office and a Focus Group Center.
Currently the lot is storage for excess dirt from other improvement projects taking place on the Penrose Hospital Campus.”


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