Thursday, May 25, 2006

20 mph sign near Circle Drive a "leftover"

QUESTION: Why is there a 20 mph speed limit sign just as you turn off of Circle Drive onto Dale Street? On one side of Dale there is Winslow BMW sales, on the other side there are homes. There is no school close by.
This sign has been here over three years that I know of. I think this area should be at least a 25 mph speed limit area.
- Mel

ANSWER: It appears to be an old, leftover sign, according to head traffic engineer David Krauth. It’s not a school-zone sign because the school on Circle Drive was closed many years ago, and it’s “inappropriate” for this area.
Krauth said the City Council is addressing speed-limit upgrades and, if approved, this could be changed to 25 to match the rest of the street.


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