Thursday, August 03, 2006

People who live around them chose sound-wall designs for COSMIX

QUESTION: The walls along the highways in Denver are artistic and really attractive. Ours aren’t. How did we get stuck with the brown and tan walls?
- Jane

ANSWER: The design and color were chosen by the people who live in the areas of the sound walls. Bob Wilson of the Colorado Department of Transportation said citizens at public meeting citizens were offered several options with parameters and there was a consensus. The walls along COSMIX have mountain designs for the walls along COSMIX, but as part of an “urban landscape” design they also have squares and rectangles denoting business areas and downtown.

Wilson had this interesting COSMIX tidbit: when the huge Denver T-REX project on Interstate 25 is completed in November, COSMIX will be the biggest highway project in the state. The actual highway part of T-REX should be complete this month and the rail portion by November.


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