Friday, August 25, 2006

Star Ranch roadways repaired according to need

QUESTION: I can appreciate the city trying to save money by using 90-weight oil and crushed rock instead of using asphalt to pave the suburban streets, but they should at least cover up the potholes first. On Star Ranch Road and Broadmoor Bluffs Boulevard, huge potholes were left open and the oil and rock were poured over the hole with little results, whereas a couple of streets over, like Thames and Hidden Hills, were totally paved with asphalt. Are there managers and supervisors who live there?
- Ben Shepherd

ANSWER: An inspector will check your complaints about the holes on Star Ranch Road and Broadmoor Bluffs Boulevard.

City street department program supervisor Tom Francese addressed your other questions:
“We rate the roadways and provide the needs. We took care of a number of roadways up in the Star Ranch area with either chip seal, slurry seal or asphalt.”
There’s a street-repair cycle starting with milling and asphalt overlay followed later by chip seal or slurry seal, which will extend the life before the asphalt process is needed again.

“Broadmoor Bluffs and Star Ranch are in fair to good condition and we used chip seal, which is used on higher volume roads, provides skid resistance and initiates melting during the winter,” Francese said. On some residential streets they use slurry seal, which is thinner and seals the roads from the elements.
Thames and Hidden Hills received asphalt overlay because they were in much worse condition, he said.

“The oil and rock you mentioned are instead rapid-setting liquid emulsion that is polymerized, highly flexible and long lasting,” Francese said. “The aggregate is hard granite transported from Golden.”


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