Friday, August 25, 2006

Pikes Peak Center could get new marquee

QUESTION: Why is it that the large electrical sign in front of the Pikes Peak Center hasn’t worked in well over a year? I mean, the remodel of the center has been done for over a year, however if you drive by you have no idea who is either currently performing or who will be performing in the future.
- Patrick Maher

ANSWER: The marquee has been broken for more than a year, according to General Manager Dot Lischick. She said they exhausted every possibility trying to get it fixed, including fabricating a part. However, “it is broken and it can not be repaired because it is more than 20 years old.”

Now the good news: Lischick says they have requested a permit from the city for a new marquee. The city must approve all sign installations. If it’s a go, possibly by September, “you’ll see the beginning of a new, fabulous marquee,” she says. “It will be quite the thing.”


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