Sunday, October 29, 2006

Finding the 1960s lumberyards on North Nevada

FINDING A LUMBERYARD: Recently reader Georgina asked the name of a lumberyard/lumber mill north of Fillmore Street on Nevada Avenue in the 1960s and ’70s, possibly near the old Krazy Kat nightclub on North Nevada Avenue.
Irmgard Anderton, a local resident since 1961, found listings in 1961 for El Paso County Lumber Co. at 3131 N. Nevada Ave., Everitt Lumber Co. at 229 E. Fillmore St., and Walker Brothers at 707 E. Fillmore St. Dwight Haverkorn said the 1970 City Directory still listed El Paso County Lumber Co. J. Michael Riley, who played with a band at the Krazy Kat, remembered two lumber companies farther south than the club: El Paso County Lumber and another called Collier’s Lumber or Colyer’s Lumber which had the motto “Lumbering Along Since ...” with a date he recalls as possibly 1924. He said it burned down. Reader Ted said the lumberyard at 3031 N. Nevada Ave. was Riddoch Lumber Co. "It then became the Harsh Lumber Co.; the last one was Newton Lumber Co.


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