Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Dutch Wedding Rocks are on private property

QUESTION: I noticed an interesting note in The Gazette's “Back Pages” section under “50 Years Ago” on Oct. 15. It mentions a unique rock formation then known as the Dutch Wedding Rocks. The article locates the formation north of Woodmen Road. Do you know if this formation is still there and if it is accessible to the public? I would love to have directions if possible.
- Karen Adams

DUTCH WEDDING ROCKS: The much-photographed rocks, described over the years as resembling a wedding scene with a couple, a minister and guests, are on private property beside a home.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The home is on Woodman road, and was built by Leonard Hayes. He passed away from a heart attack within years of completion. The bank took the home from his widow and infant daughter and sold it to a wonderful couple who still occupy the home today. The rock formation is indeed part of this private home and property. They don't mind people taking pictures from the street, but wandering up to the home is a little disconscerting. Another fact about this home is that there is an infant's grave just outside one of the bedroom's outside doors. It was left during a family wagon train ride to the west coast. When Leonard discovered the grave while building his home, he made sure that the grave was never desecrated during construction. It still stands as it was left originally. The local newspaper ran an article about the grave and the sister of the infant wrote a letter to the current owners of the property to explain what happened. She was thankful that she found where the remains were after so many decades.

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