Friday, December 15, 2006

Loose-dog problem at Taylor park being addressed

QUESTION: I was curious as to when and why the Taylor Elementary School playing field (by Patty Jewett Golf Course) officially became a dog park? It is near impossible to use the field with my daughter for soccer practice, etc., because of the loose dogs and occasional dog land mine that is left there unattended. I thought that most schools limited dog activity on their grounds, especially athletic fields?
- Randy

ANSWER: Someone called the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region about the dogs-running-loose problem there, and officers are now monitoring the park. Some dog owners were ticketed. In addition, this problem is being addressed by the school’s PTA. PTA President Polly Fiedler, who helped coordinate the building of the school’s neighborhood park in 2000, said a committee was formed to draw up guidelines about dogs. “In fact, some dog owners approached us to request guidelines,” she said. “Most dog owners are pretty good about keeping their dogs on leashes and cleaning up after them. There’s a large community of dog owners using the park and a great camaraderie, but when a large group congregates, sometimes there’s a problem. We would hate to ever have to get to the point of having to ban dogs.” For now there is a cooperative, “negotiated” effort to work out the problems but, Fiedler said, “sometimes there is a big brouhaha in the beginning and then people return to their former behavior. We’ll wait and see what the next step will be.”

Fiedler said the park has not become unusable to people without dogs. In the fall, a boys soccer team had its regular practice there and a girls team practiced there four times a week. “There’s always a place in the middle of the park to practice,” she said.


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