Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Widefield and Security two separate communities

QUESTION: I live in the Widefield/Security area and was wondering, why does it have two names and where did the names come from?
- Tracey Hughes
They’re two different communities. Unincorporated Security was developed by American Builders in 1955 on what had been the Mel Anderson Dairy Farm and agricultural land. The Fountain Valley Chamber of Commerce said the developer designed it as a community with “a sense of security.” Cottonwood trees from the banks of Fountain Creek were transplanted along Security Boulevard.

A few years later, Security’s neighbor was developed. Builder Jules Watson began constructing brick, ranch-style homes in 1958 in the unincorporated part of El Paso County that by the mid-‘60s became Widefield. The area next to Security was chosen because of the influx of soldiers and families to nearby Camp (now Fort)Carson.
The name Widefield came from the Widefield School District that dated back to 1874. A junior high school in that district was named for the builder Jules Watson.


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