Friday, November 10, 2006

Speeding vehicles, not an influential resident, brought change to Peregrine street

PEREGRINE SPEED HUMPS: I have a question regarding the three speed humps placed in Orchard Valley Road in the Peregrine area. This is a major thoroughfare (double yellow lines no less) and this summer the speed limit was reduced to 20 mph and three large speed humps placed. My question is: Why? Rumor in the neighborhood is that an influential city employee moved onto this street and pulled strings.
— Shane Millburn

ANSWER: Speed-reduction devices” such as the speed humps — and the planned medians and curb bump outs — were installed because speeding vehicles going eastbound lost control in this residential area, according to principal city traffic engineer David Krauth. “This road, while it is an arterial, doesn’t act like an arterial,” Krauth said. “The speed humps to slow traffic down were installed as part of a pretty extensive public process, which involved the people in the neighborhood.”
In addition, there is a school-safety project at nearby Woodmen Roberts Elementary School on Orchard Path to “keep people at an appropriate speed in that long school zone,” Krauth said.


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