Friday, April 28, 2006

All city streets open to bicycles

QUESTION: Are there any streets in Colorado Springs designated “no bicycles”? If not, how can we get some designated as such? There are three areas I’m thinking of in particular: Woodmen Road from Interstate 25 west to the Woodmen Road/Rockrimmon split; from Woodmen Valley Chapel west to Orchard Valley Road and on 30th Street by Garden of the Gods. These are a few areas (and I’m sure there are many others) where there is clearly not enough room for a biker nor is it safe. And was there a law passed that indicates bikers can ride side-by-side? Another unsafe practice.
- Janelle

ANSWER: Under state law, bicycles are allowed to use all city streets, according to David Krauth, principal city traffic engineer. In fact, they’re encouraged. “A street could be designated ‘no bicycles,’ but there would have to be a darn good reason,” Krauth said. Bicycles are not allowed on Interstate 25, but they can be ridden on Colorado Highway 94 and U.S. Highway 24. Bicycles and motorcycles can be ridden two abreast in a single lane but bicycles go to single file when cars need to get around.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is the 'ride single file' rule ever enforced? I drive 30th from Mesa to GOG twice a day. At least once a day, I come upon two (once there was four!) bicyclists riding side by side. They rarely make an effort to switch to single file so cars can pass.

The cyclists on Highway 94 have never been a problem. (I drive this road twice a day from the 24 stoplight to Yoder.) They always ride single file and will get out of the way if they're blocking the flow of traffic.

12:21 PM, April 28, 2006  
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