Friday, June 02, 2006

Senior Property Tax Reduction has returned

QUESTION: In November 2000, Referendum A (Senior Homestead Exemption Act) was approved with regard to property taxes payable in 2003. However the 2003 General Assembly rescinded the funding because of a near $1 billion deficit in the state budget. Will the Senior Homestead Exemption ever go into effect? Who do we contact in order to bring some leverage for re-enactment of this exemption?
- M. Plante

ANSWER: It has already been done. Lawmakers reinstated the exemption for one year, and it will be reviewed annually. According to Kim Moritz of the El Paso County Assessor’s Office, the Senior Property Tax Reduction Program for those over 65 years of age is for the assessment year 2006 payable in 2007.
Letters are going out to all county seniors who have been approved.

For more information call 520-6600 or go online to


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