Friday, November 03, 2006

Semi drivers will receive warnings about parking on Drennan

DRENNAN ROAD REDUX: Earlier we were asked about the proliferation of trucks parked on Drennan Road. We were told by the police department that because this is a truck route, truck parking is permitted. In most cases the drivers park there because they're not allowed to park near their homes. A reader responded that he didn't believe it was legal for trucks to park along Drennan Road.

We spoke with the city attorney’s office and city code enforcement, and indeed there have been some changes. City code enforcement officer Ken Lewis said the original maps showed the city limits running down the center of Drennan, which would allow semis to park on the south side. “Now we’ve learned the city limits are 20 feet south of Drennan, it’s a residential zone and commercial vehicles cannot park in a residential zone,” Lewis said.

Truckers have parked here for years when they’re home, and the city is now giving them warnings. The city traffic engineer will place “No Parking” signs in this area, and Lewis’ office will work with the truckers to find alternatives. “We’ll continue with verbal warnings for a while because this has been going on for so long,” he said.

Lewis said some trucking companies have parking lots available for drivers. Other drivers leave their vehicles at truck stops. His office and city officials have received similar complaints about trucks on North Nevada Avenue and South Powers Boulevard which that will be investigated.


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