Thursday, June 21, 2007

Squirrels left behind peanut shells

I am a transplant from the East Coast and have been living in Colorado Springs for the last two years. In our neighborhood I have noticed a large amount of peanut shells on the side of the road and some in our back yard. I know that peanuts are not a native plant in this part of the country and am wondering how these peanut shells got here. My guess is that people are buying peanuts and feeding the squirrels. Is that correct? Is there another explanation?
- Karl Knebl

You guessed correctly. Many, many people in our area buy peanuts — unsalted peanuts, pretty please — for the squirrels. Wildlife officials warn the peanut people to refrain from holding the nuts in their fingers because the squirrels, who have eyes on the side of their heads, can’t see the difference between peanuts and fingertips.


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