Friday, November 03, 2006

Tahoma Springs plaques and memorabilia sought for anniversary

TAHOMA SPRINGS: What became of Tahoma Springs? In honor of the 50th anniversary of Colorado statehood in 1926, the citizens of Colorado Springs erected a pavilion over one of the springs in Monument Valley Park. The structure was damaged in the 1935 flood but was still standing when it was further damaged in a later 1965 flood. Sometime after 1965 it was torn down.

In the gazebo-like structure were four bronze plaques: one honoring Pike, one General Palmer, one an Indian scout, and a general one about the event. Does anyone know what became of the bronze plaques? Next year is the 100th anniversary of General Palmer’s gift of Monument Valley Park to the citizens of Colorado Springs. Nomination of the park to the National Register of Historic Places is in process. For the centenary event we would love to know what became of the plaques.
We are also interested in any historical photos and would love to see them either donated to the Pioneers Museum or at least offered to the museum to copy for the archives.
- Judith Rice-Jones, archivist, Historic Preservation Alliance of Colorado Springs

Readers, can you help?


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