Friday, June 29, 2007

Quail Lake sculpture commissioned for that area

A recent column item about fishing at Quail Lake reminded me of the question I’ve had about the huge metal sculpture on the top of the hill on the north side of the lake. It occasionally turns to point in a different direction. I’m intrigued by its origin and whether it has any function other than as a piece of art. To me, it looks like one of the geese so prevalent around the lake.
- Kay Kellner

ANSWER: The large, pre-rusted steel sculpture called “Windmark” by some, “Landmark” by some and “windthinggizmo” by others, was commissioned by David Sunderland of Gates Land Co. in 1972 when Cheyenne Mountain Ranch was being developed. When the sculpture was completed in 1973 by Colorado College instructor Jack Edwards, it was placed alongside Colorado Highway 115 and later moved east to Quail Lake Park. The weather-vane-type sculpture is huge, but it’s so graceful you can move it with a touch of a finger or by a gentle breeze.


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