Friday, July 13, 2007

No north/south left-turn arrows planned at Palmer Park and Union Boulevard intersection

The new traffic signals are in place at the intersection of Palmer Park and Union boulevards, and there are still turn arrows only for east/west traffic on Palmer Park.With the high volume of traffic on Union, why are there no turn arrows for the north/south traffic? It appears that the addition of north/south turn arrows would ease congestion at this intersection
- Ron Bauer

ANSWER: There are east-west left-turn arrows on Palmer Park Boulevard “because of sight distance problems for drivers because the road is skewed,” said city traffic engineer Rob Helt. Palmer Park comes into that intersection at an angle. Helt said left-turn arrows are put in “where they’re warranted,” but traffic volume north/south has not shown they are needed. The number of cars turning would have to be sufficient to warrant stopping the higher-volume straight-through traffic.


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